Unusual Magnetic Property of Matchstick You Should Know! | Matchstick Sticked With Magnet


In this video, I will show you how a used or burned matchstick tip possess magnetic effects. How a matchstick head becomes magnetic when it is burned.

Do you know what is the scientific explanation for this phenomenon? A short answer to this question is ‘Some matchstick heads contain iron (III) oxide as a colorant. The yellowish color of the burning matchstick indicates that it has low oxygen, i.e. a reducing flame. It reduces the iron oxide to iron which is attracted by the magnet.

Here, I took 4 matchsticks, burnt them and brought a magnet near them. What I saw is that matchstick heads were attracted towards the magnet. So, I decided to share this unusual phenomenon of Matchstick and Magnet with you. Share this video with your family and friends and do let them know about this strange experiment. Hope you enjoy the video.

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