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In this DIY video, I’m going to share with you that most of the people love, guess what is it? It’s a miniature swing (Also called as Jhula). Learn how to make a miniature swing or Jhula with papers that looks fabulous. DIY – Do it yourself _ Fun & Hacks.

Start by taking cardboard and then take out the shown pieces by cutting them down. Wrap these cut pieces with color papers (you’re free to choose colors of your wish). After done wrapping, you now have to make a sit by cutting pasting using a glue gun. Then make paper rolls and then decor them with the strips of paper. Then follow the steps given in the video to assemble your miniature swing, be precise and after using glue let the stuff dry before going ahead.

I’m sure you’ll love this video and love this mini swing as well, it’s pretty good and bi-color. You children will definitely have fun playing with this also it can be used as a showpiece. Using it as a showpiece for home decoration will glorify your home or room. From my side, that’s all! Now. it’s your turn to spread this video, if you like this video, then share this video in all your friend’s smartphone. Also, like this video and comment to let me know if you really joy this video. Thanks!

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