Beautiful Stone Paint Art | DIY Easy Stone Craft Ideas for Your Home Decoration


This video is about easy stone art ideas, DIY Rock painting craft ideas, or stone paintings. In this video, I’ll show you several stone art designs which are easy to do and super cute that will beautify your home or lawn. These stone art ideas are perfect for beginners and children.

Here, I’ve made a Penguin, Panda, Home town in woods, a little family with Mumma – papa – and a kid, and so on. I’m using stones of various shapes and sizes. The colors I used are acrylic colors for painting stones/rocks. Now, these amazing painted stones/rocks/pebbles could be used as fridge magnets, paperweight, decorations, and much more.

Painting stones and pebbles is a fun and memorable way to show your creativity and home/lawn decoration. Your children will enjoy collecting stones/pebbles and transforming them into your own masterpieces. The easiest canvases are probably the wide, flat, grey stones you get easily, but collect smaller, interestingly colored stones that look beautiful when met.

Materials required:

– Pebbles or stones

– Poster or acrylic paint

– Paintbrushes

– A glass of water

– A color mixing dish

Precaution: Don’t touch the stone or pebbles until the paint dries.

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