Easy and Cool Magic Tricks with Matches | Burning a Matchstick using another Matchstick


Impress your family, friends, or children with this easy and cool magic trick with matches. This is simple, easy, and cheap magic trick or you can say matches hack. DIY – do it yourself with Fun & Hacks.

To try this magic trick at your home, all you need is a tissue paper, water, and matches. I’m sure all this stuff is available almost every home. So, now when you’ve gathered the required material, it’s time to follow the instructions shown in the video carefully. Don’t skip any part otherwise it might be possible that you won’t be able to perform this cool magic trick successfully.

Now, when you know how to perform this magic trick easily, practice it more times and surprise your friends! Show them this video to tell how you did it. If you like this magic trick hit like on this video, and please comment me to know how many attempts you made to successfully do this trick with matchsticks.