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Introducing Genius craft ideas using cotton buds, cotton buds home decor and life hacks. Making Pen stand, skeleton, and Miniature swing with Cotton Buds. This video is fully dedicated to cotton Buds art and Craft Tutorials. DIY – DO it yourself with Fun & Hacks.

Most of the people believe that Buds can only be used for ears or at max for cleaning some other stuff. Have you ever thought that you can create something cool and interesting with buds? You’d wonder to hear that you can make some amazing crafts out of Buds. In this video, I’m going to show you the same. Here, I made a skeleton and a miniature swing for home decor and as crazy hacks. The third crafts I created here is a pen stand that is life hack for making your life simpler. They all are looking stunning.

Just watch the video and try making yourself, It’s not hard, no time-consuming. You just have to stick Buds as shown in the video and that’s it. You’re done making awesome crafts easily. You can guide your children to make these crafts, even you can try something different. Like . Comment . Share.

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