Easy and Fast Doormat Making Using Jute, Jeans, and Towels | DIY simple life Hacks | Fun & Hacks


In this DIY video, I’m going to share with you easy and fast doormat making ideas from several materials available at the home. Introducing the amazing life hacks, make best out of waste. These are really innovative ideas for crafts. Do it yourself – Fun & Hacks.

Here, the crafts include within the video are-

– creating a doormat with jute

– creating a doormat with old (useless) jeans

– creating a doormat using used (old) towels

– creating a brush stand using an old shampoo bottle

These doormats could be used for several purposes. This video is for anyone who loves crafting. Who loves to make something out of the waste, how to make useful things from useless stuff. I’ve also shown in this video that how could you transform a used shampoo bottle into a brush stand. These are really simple and easy life hacks that will help you to make your life simpler.

I hope you’ll like this video. If you have a query or any question regarding the video, please do share to me. I’ll be glad to respond to you. Stay tuned with Fun & Hacks.

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