How to Make a Matchstick Burn for Longer Time- Cool Matchstick Hacks & Tricks | Fun & Hacks


In this DIY video, I will show you one more way how you can make a matchstick burn for longtime using some simple hacks. This is really so simple and easy trick, anyone can use this. DIY – simple life hacks – Fun & Hacks.

In this trick, you have to wrap the matchstick with a plastic (usually a thin pen-like substance) as shown in the video. Many times we use a number of matchsticks in order to complete our XYZ task. But, with this simple life hack, your single matchstick will burn for a longer time. It is very useful in some situations.

As burning plastic may be harmful and it might burn your hand, so make sure to consider some safety factors. Children are advised to perform this experiment in the presence of an elder person or parents. Share this video with your friends and family members, let them also enjoy this simple and funful hack. Drop a comment to me if you like this tip for matchsticks.