How to Make Matches Burn for Longer Time with BIG Flame- Cool Matchstick Tricks | Fun & Hacks


This DIY video is about making a matches burn for a longer time with a BIG flame. This an amazing hack, you must try it at least once telling the importance and working of wax with this experiment to people and to children. DIY – Do it yourself – Fun & Hacks.

In this trick, you have to put all the matchsticks together facing the same direction inside the matchbox as shown in the video. Then you have to fill in the wax inside the matchsticks when you’re done with filling the molten wax just wait for a while and let the wax dry. That’s it! You’re good to go. Just lit up the matchsticks and see the magic.

During the whole experiment, please put the safety factors at priority. Make sure to use gloves while filling wax between the bundle of matchsticks in the matchbox. Hot wax may harm your hands or another part of the body. And, at the time of lighting the matches, keep yourself away from the flame. Just look at the fire from distance. Children are advised to perform the experiment in the presence of some elder person.

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